Train Your Own AI Models
and Use Them

Single API Call for Model Refinement: Use DreamBooth or LoRa to style images with customised models..

Train a model in more easier way

DreamBooth and LoRA Finetuning

Finetune any model with few images with state of the art dreambooth and lora finetuning methods..

  • Custom ‘class’ and Instance prompt

  • Create LoRa Training

  • DreamBooth Training

Finetune any base model with lora or lycoris

Fine-tune any diffusion model for text-to-image generation with LoRA or LyCORIS..

  • Train male, female, couple or object

  • Use your finetuned Lora with any models

  • Create realistic avatars with SOTA models

Without Lora

with Lora

Fine-tune models with lora or lycoris

How do I integrate with my app


Integrate this feature with your application effortlessly. Just send an API request with a prompt and additional parameters and you will receive the video link back as response.


Simply provide the text you want to convert into a stunning visual


Choose from 20+ parameters to adjust your generation settings


With a click, transform your text into a stunning visual


Integrate this with your product seamlessly

Start your free trial today

Try ModelsLab Platform to generate images. No credit card required.

Model Training Price

Train Stable Diffusion on a custom dataset to generate avatars. Also, you can schedule a call for bulk training

One Training Cost: $1 Per Model


Fine-tune models with lora or lycoris

{ json:api }

Easy JSON API ready to use

Finetune any model with few images with state of the art dreambooth and lora finetuning methods..

  • Few lines of code and you are ready to go

  • Faster Processing No Tracking and Monitoring

  • 100% Privacy and Security for Your generations

Train your AI models

Get Started

Train AI models easily for your projects. Try our DreamBooth and LoRa methods to get results fast. Start training today!

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